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Q&A with Jackie Founder of One January

1. Could you tell people about One January?

One January is an ethical activewear company that makes sustainable athletic apparel from recycled plastics. We are committed to supporting global sport and leadership opportunities for women impacted by war and poverty.

2. What motivated you to start One January?

I created One January to connect women across borders to rise up and push boundaries in sports and life. As an athlete, I believe when more women have opportunities to play sports, more women will become leaders. It’s time to level the playing field and get on it.

3. What is the primary mission of One January?

One January is an ethical activewear company based in Austin, Texas that makes sustainable apparel from recycled plastics. We have committed to match $1 donation for every $1 we make to support global sport and leadership opportunities for women impacted by war and poverty.

4. When we speak about social responsibility and sustainability, the impact is everything. What do you think the impact of One January is on the community?

Apart from empowering the athletes we sponsor through our nonprofit partner, She Can Tri, I’ve also seen the impact on the women who support the cause. It puts their own life into perspective. Most women in the United States or Europe don’t even realize how lucky they are to walk outside their front door to run or ride a bicycle or to have such a vast access to affordable pools. These basic skills give girls and women confidence and enable them to feel ownership over their own bodies. We believe all women and girls need that to be successful on and off the playing field.

5. Is there any particular case or project in which you felt moved by the impact of One January?

I’ve seen the work sports can do in a conflict zone first hand. I worked alongside NATO troops as a journalist in Afghanistan from 2015 to 2021. While working at NATO’s Headquarters in Kabul I started training the first Afghan women to swim, bike, and run with our nonprofit partner She Can Tri. In 2020, we made history as She Can Tri’s Zeinab became the first Afghan woman to finish an IRONMAN event. Our top two athletes both went on to earn scholarships to study in the United States. Our programs truly changed their lives and the lives of their families forever.

6. Is there anything you would like to reflect on or any particular message you would like to give to people about having and supporting startups with impact?

You don’t have to go anywhere to make a big difference in the world. You can simply show your values in the way you communicate, shop, and eat. If you look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they are all achievable, but it will take all of us making small changes in our daily lives to create a better and more peaceful world.

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