Coupons for Good


Meet Our Lead Team

Our Story - Founders

Golda Velez, senior software engineer and human rights activist, helped start Coupons for Good as a way to bring positive accountability - to distinguish the brands and companies legitimately doing good and bring them business from value aligned people. Lip service is cheap, and caring consumers need a way to tell truth from fiction in this area.

Golda's background fighting fraud and building data pipelines has informed the technical side of the work, and her experience interviewing human rights victims has informed the urgency.

Our Story - Advisor

George A. Polisner has spent the last several years of his career addressing highly complex conceptual technological and economic challenges for governments, large enterprises and society. He remains active in policy addressing wealth and income inequality, participatory democracy and budgeting and has significant experience in corporate social (responsibility) behavior and externalities. Over the last year he founded a non-profit entity, recruited a board and launched a web-based service focused on leveraging technology and organizing behavior for sustained and meaningful civic engagement (

Sakshi Bahuguna

Chief Executive Officer

Milagros Laino

Marketing Director

Nishant Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Carolina Sanchez

UX/UI Designer


Business Development

Ailín Pérez Valderrey

Project Manager